Zitania Services

Crystal Intuitive Reading

With this reading you will get a comprehensive reading which may include contact with deceased friends and family or spirit guides.   Past life information also often comes thru during these readings.  

In Depth Intuitive Tarot Reading

During this reading I will do the traditional Celtic Cross spread and incorporate an in depth intuitive mediumship reading as well.   This is a very in depth reading.

Intuitive Photograph Reading

Do you have a photograph that you would like to know more about?  Perhaps you want to know if there is any guides or relatives visiting during the taking of the photo.  Or perhaps you would like to know if anything has happened at this location.    I will do my best to obtain as much information from the spirit realm as I can about your photo!

Any services offered by Zitania Services are not meant to replace professional medical or psychological treatments.   We do not offer treatment for medical and/or psychological ailments.    For medical or psychological issues please see a licensed professional.   All readings are done for entertainment purposes only.